Why choose us?

Good, reliable, dedicated photographers are as important as the quality of the photos taken.
We therefore guarantee our work no matter how big or small the assignment.
We will back up this claim in writing.

How do we operate?

As with any important, one-in-a-lifetime occasion, we endeavour to capture every moment accurately, preserving those moments forever. Our mission is to work closely with our clients and provide a stress-free and comfortable working relationship, and to provide exactly what the client requires. We advise and coach clients along using our experience in this industry.

What is Good Photography?

Good photography encompasses Creativity, Accuracy and the Freezing of those little priceless moments. A little touch of the hand, a knowing smile, a tear at the corner of the eye are those moments that bring the emotion and humanness to any picture. These are the aspects we look for while doing a shoot so that those memories are preserved forever. Photography is a creative process and as such images should portray the realism of the moment combined with artistic flair and creativity to make the picture really special.

Our Philosophy

As professional photographers we understand that the true value of photographs is the responsibility to preserve your memories and images forever. Recording of those special moments into a permanent frozen record is therefore what we specialise in. A lot of people take photographs for granted, so let us commit those special fleeting moments of your life into permanent memories.

Sometimes, we only realise the true value of photography when moments become a dim memory !!

"Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow."
~~~ Imogen Cunningham

Our Equipment

We use professional Nikon photographic equipment and Sony HD video cameras

We realise the importance of your function or event, and to that end we carry redundant equipment to ensure that equipment failure will not cause us to miss those important moments.

We carry spare camera bodies, lenses, high speed memory cards, flashes and rechargeable penlight batteries. Our lenses range from 35mm primes up to professional 70-200 VR F2.8.